Looking to lead a healthier lifestyle?

Welcome to Flourishing Bodymind

I'm Ginnie - Personal Trainer & Marketer, Food & Fitness Lover.

I’m here to inspire and help women feeling good inside out by changing their mindset towards health & fitness so they can lead a healthier sustainable lifestyle.

I’m showing women how to develop a better relationship with food, exercise and with their body – overcoming the guilt around it and making fitness & health something more light, fun & simple.

By sharing with you my experience and knowledge about fitness, nutrition and how to keep a healthy mindset along the way, by sharing with you my personal journey – I will give you tips to eat better, train smarter & overall develop a better relationship with food, exercise & your body.

My passion for fitness started from my younger age, I have always been someone very active, enjoying outdoors activities. But when growing up, as many women, I have struggled with self-esteem and body confidence. After trying many different diets, after failing many times, I finally managed to lead a healthier lifestyle, while living a much more sustainable healthy and balanced lifestyle. A different mindset and approach towards training & food is what led me there…

That’s why I am thriving to inspire and motivate women to be healthy, fit & strong with the right mindset, promoting self-acceptance and confidence, enjoying the process and loving life.